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RS at EDIH Network Annual Summit

The recent EDIH Network Annual Summit, held at the prestigious Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels from May 31 to June 1, proved to be a significant gathering for digital transformation enthusiasts. This event brought together representatives, decision-makers, and experts from various sectors to discuss and exchange knowledge on how to effectively support small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in achieving their digital goals. The participation of the Republic of Srpska's representative in Brussels added to the summit's importance and showcased the region's commitment to digital advancements.

Fostering Collaboration and Sharing Best Practices: The primary objective of the summit was to create a platform where EDIH representatives could network, collaborate, and share best practices. Attendees were able to engage in fruitful discussions on incorporating digital trends and technologies into the services offered by EDIHs. The event featured keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking sessions, facilitating valuable connections among like-minded professionals.

The Crucial Role of EDIHs in Digital Transformation: The EDIH network plays a pivotal role in driving the digital transformation of European businesses. With the aim of achieving the Digital Decade 2030 targets set by the EU, the network focuses on accelerating the adoption of advanced digital technologies. Its ultimate goals include doubling the number of EU unicorns and ensuring that at least 90% of EU SMEs possess a basic level of digital maturity. To achieve this, EDIHs offer a wide range of services, including testing and experimentation facilities, training and mentoring programs, access to finance, and networking opportunities.

Highlighting the Smart Industrial Remoting Study: One of the noteworthy presentations at the EDIH Network Annual Summit was the Smart Industrial Remoting study. Launched in March 2022, this study has now entered its final stages. The summit provided an ideal platform to raise awareness of the study's findings and underline the significance of SME digitalization. As the study approaches its milestone, the development of a Digitalization Toolbox is underway. This toolbox will serve as a practical guide, equipping both SMEs and EDIHs with tips and guidance on implementing digital technologies effectively.


The EDIH Network Annual Summit was a resounding success, fostering collaboration and knowledge sharing among representatives, decision-makers, and experts in the field of digital transformation. With its focus on supporting SMEs in their digital endeavors, the summit played a vital role in advancing the European Union's Digital Decade 2030 targets. The presentation of the Smart Industrial Remoting study further emphasized the importance of digitalization for SMEs and showcased the ongoing efforts to provide practical tools for their digital transformation journey. The event served as a testament to the commitment of all participants in driving digital progress and fostering a thriving digital ecosystem for European businesses.


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