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RS and Trans-Mediterranean Cooperation and Sustainable Development: Insights from ARLEM 2024

The Republic of Srpska Representative from Brussels recently participated in the annual plenary meeting of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM), which took place in Alghero, hosted by the President of the Regional Council of Sardinia, Michele Pais.

The conference covered several pressing political recommendations for the year 2024, emphasizing the urgent need for collaborative efforts in key areas: climate action, energy and food security, and the creation of inclusive cities.

  1. Climate Action: At the heart of the recommendations was a strong emphasis on climate action. With the world facing unprecedented environmental challenges, ARLEM members recognized the urgency to address climate change collectively. The Mediterranean region, known for its vulnerability to climate-related risks, has taken the initiative to be a role model in mitigating these threats.

  2. Energy and Food Security: The assembly also identified energy and food security as crucial priorities. Enhancing regional energy cooperation is vital for ensuring a stable and sustainable energy supply. Likewise, addressing food security concerns is a shared responsibility to combat hunger and malnutrition in the region.

  3. Inclusive Cities: Building inclusive cities that cater to all residents, regardless of their socio-economic background, was another priority highlighted. The creation of urban spaces that are accessible and provide equal opportunities to all citizens is seen as a cornerstone of progress in the Mediterranean.

In addition, one of the key proposals that emerged from the ARLEM meeting was the establishment of a Euro-Mediterranean civil protection mechanism. Such a mechanism would enable the region to respond effectively to disasters and crises. In 2024, ARLEM will be focusing on two important reports:

  1. Energy Cooperation in the Mediterranean (EU): In a region characterized by diverse energy resources and growing energy needs, cooperation in this sector is of paramount importance. The report will outline strategies for ensuring the stability and sustainability of energy sources.

  2. Water Resilience (Med Partners): Water scarcity is a pressing issue in the Mediterranean. Developing resilience against water-related challenges will be the central theme of this report, with a focus on solutions and strategies to manage water resources efficiently.

The core recommendation put forth by ARLEM members was the need for trans-Mediterranean cooperation based on general risk-reduction priorities identified by the United Nations. Additionally, they emphasized the importance of the EU's system for identifying regions that require targeted strategies, greater international cooperation, and increased access to resources. Local and regional authorities, along with ARLEM, were acknowledged as key players in the development of initiatives to map risks, prepare disaster responses, and provide technical assistance.

Furthermore, the assembly discussed sustainable urban transport strategies, with a particular focus on the experiences of North African capitals, Rabat in Morocco and Tunis in Tunisia. It also looked into the need for integrating health aspects into transport policies at the national level, recognizing that public health is a vital component of sustainable urban development. At the municipal level, ARLEM endorsed the shift towards electric vehicles, cycling, walking, and micromobility solutions to solve the 'first and last mile' problem in public transport.

In essence, the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly is dedicated to fostering cooperation and addressing pressing challenges in the Mediterranean region. Their recommendations for 2024 highlight the importance of trans-Mediterranean collaboration, sustainable development, and the establishment of mechanisms to enhance resilience in the face of climate change and disasters. These efforts are crucial for the prosperity and well-being of all citizens in the Mediterranean and the surrounding regions. As ARLEM continues its work, it remains a beacon of hope and progress in a region where unity and sustainable development are of paramount importance.


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