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CoR's Working Group on the Western Balkans: "Empowering the WB for EU Accession Success"

The Ministry of European Integration and International Cooperation of the Republic of Srpska collaborated with the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels to arrange a meeting for the CoR's Working Group on the Western Balkans.

The event took place in Banja Luka on November 15, 2023, at the Administrative Center of the Government of the Republic of Srpska.

The central theme of the meeting revolved around the involvement of local and regional authorities in the preparations for joining the European Union and ensuring good governance in local and regional administration.

Acknowledging its distinctive role in the European Union's decision-making structure, the CoR is dedicated to assisting local decision-makers in tackling the numerous challenges associated with the EU enlargement process. As these local authorities will ultimately be responsible for implementing a significant portion of the EU acquis, it becomes imperative for them to be adequately prepared for the task, extending beyond the central government level.

The success of EU enlargement policy hinges on direct dialogue, capacity-building, and the exchange of best practices among local and regional politicians. The Working Group serves as the conduit through which the CoR nurtures its relationships with Bosnia and Herzegovina and endeavors to advance these objectives.


As part of their visit to Banja Luka, the Working Group for the Western Balkans of the Committee of the Regions also toured the Innovation Center Banja Luka. This visit provided them with firsthand exposure to instances of successful practices and collaboration with the EU.

Notably, the Innovation Center has executed over 60 projects, a majority of which were co-financed by the EU. This visit to the Innovation Center served as a prelude to their engagement with Banja Luka, keeping in mind that the following day's itinerary included a visit to the Administrative Center by the Government of the Republic.



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