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Republic of Srpska Day celebrated in Antwerp, Srpska's high delegation attended

Republic of Srpska celebrated its 28th birthday.

On the occasion of Republic of Srpska Day, Representation of Republic of Srpska in Brussels with cooperation with Serbian Orthodox Church, St.George in Antwerp for the first time held a banquet on Saturday, January 11 in order to gather our people and celebrate this great event.

The celebration was attended by Republic of Srpska's President Mrs Zeljka Cvijanovic, Republic of Srpska's Minister for European Integration and International Cooperation, Mr Zlatan Klokic, as well as, numerous guests from the Benelux countries and diplomatic core.

After the the anthems of Republic of Srpska and Republic of Serbia were intoned and the sacred cake was consecrated, president Cvijanovic used the opportunity to thank everyone for coming as well as to state that Republic of Srpska Representations worldwide carry out a number of activities for the needs of the Republic of Srpska regarding the presentation and promotion of its interests abroad as it is extremely important that the Republic Day is celebrated in a dignified manner.

''The right to love our Republic no one could, nor will be able to challenge either yesterday, today, nor in the future. I am convinced that Republic of Srpska, together with you, will work and get stronger and better" - emphasized Zlatan Klokić, Minister of European Integration and International Cooperation of Republic of Srpska.

In addition, Mr Mario Djuragić, Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, stressed the importance of this gathering.

"This day has been challenged and denied by many. The Republic of Srpska has been challenged and denied by many even though you will not hear it out loud. That is why we will continue to celebrate Srpska, as it is and will remain in our hearts", said Djuragic.


Republic of Srpska was founded on January 9, 1992 under the original name of the Serbian Republic of BiH.

It was founded by the Serbian deputies in the then Parliament of Bosnia and Herzegovina, after being voted out on key issues concerning the survival of Yugoslavia, and after the members of the other two nations went into secession by the will of the Serbs who had a constitutive status.

The position and powers of the Republic of Srpska were confirmed in Dayton in 1995, when it was established as one of the two entities that constitute BiH. Since its establishment, the Serbian has a legislative, judicial and executive power.

It extends to 24,857 square meters, according to the latest census from 2013, the Republic of Srpska has 1,170,342 inhabitants and 414,847 households.

President of the Republic of Srpska, Zeljka Cvijanovic, honored institutions and individuals on the occasion of January 9 - Republic Day. Mrs. Cvijanovic honored Prime Minister of Serbia Ana Brnabić with the Order of the Republic of Srpska for developing and strengthening cooperation and political relations between Serbia and Srpska, and for unremitting contribution in the struggle for physical and spiritual survival, affirmation and development of the Republic of Srpska.

Unofficially, the patron saint day of Srpska — Saint Archdeacon Stephen falls on the same day.

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