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The Representation in Brussels introduces its work to Imereti region from Georgia

Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels had a great pleasure to introduce its work, activities, general functioning and cooperation with EU institutions to Georgian guests from Imereti region who represented the following institutions: Georgian Ministry of Investment and Economic Development, Georgian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Representation Office of the Imereti Region and Kutaisi City Hall.

The visit to Brussels was a result of a three day “internship programme” organised by Wielkopolska region for its Georgian partners in order to share with them common knowledge, its competences, best practices on how the regional administration is organised, how the regional policies are implemented, as well as to emphasize how the EU activities are enhanced.


Most of the programme took part in Wielkopolska region and it was divided into four main components:

- Functioning of the European Union and its institutions (European Commission, European Parliament and European Committee of the Regions);

- How EU is supporting (directly or indirectly) regions (Cohesion policy, Common Agricultural Policy, research and development policy, etc.);

- Instruments offered by the EU to support Eastern Partnership countries (Cross-Border Cooperation Programmes; EaP Territorial Cooperation Programmes (EaPTC); Community Led Urban Strategies (COMUS); Covenant of Mayors (CoM); Sustainable Urban Demonstration Projects (SUDeP); Mayors for Economic Growth; Eastern Europe Energy Efficiency and Environment Partnership (E5P); European Neighbourhood Programme for Agriculture and Rural Development (ENPARD); EU4Energy Programme; Partnership for Good Governance (PGG); Neighbourhood Investment Facility (NIF);

- EU networks and Brussels offices on EU and non-EU countries – best practices.


Wielkopolska is one of the largest regions in Poland. Its area is comparable to that of Belgium, and its population (3.4 million people) is greater that the population of some EU Member States, including Lithuania, Latvia and Slovenia. It is also one of the most dynamically developing regions of Poland.

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