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Republic of Srpska hosts the “First Diaspora Forum”

Over 100 people gathered from 26 countries in an event which was hosted by President of Republic of Srpska, Milorad Dodik.

People from different walks of life attended from across Europe and further afield. Among them businessmen, professors, students, workers in the fields of culture and charity and Serbian Orthodox clergy.

Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels has been actively involved in assisting in the organization of the First Diaspora Forum, as well as promoting and bringing Belgium and French diaspora representatives to Banja Luka and Kozarska Dubica on February 23 and 24, 2018. The aim of the First Diaspora Forum was to establish permanent mechanisms for strengthening economic and cultural-scientific cooperation between the Serb and Serbian peoples in the dispersal.

PM Željka Cvijanović hosted a dinner where she explained that no longer was Republika Srpska reaching out for assistance from the Diaspora but now wanted to build a strong relationship between state and Serbs scattered throughout the world.

Representing Serbia’s President Vučuć was Nikola Selaković, Presidency Secretary. He went on to talk about the intention behind the recent Declaration on the Protection of the Cultural and Spiritual Identity of the Serbian People. Namely, that Serbs throughout the world find unity through the Serbian language, and in particular the Cyrillic script, and their Orthodox faith. Those are the foundations upon which greater cooperation is built.

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