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Republic of Srpska Goverment Delegation in Italy: Government Main Priority is Regional Cooperation

Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Zeljka Cvijanović, accompanied with the Head of the Representation in Brussels and Minister of Education and Culture payed an official visit to Italy, where they participated in the forum called "The Identities of the Western Balkans in European Cohesion Policy",organized by "IPA Adriatic CBC" in the town of Pescara, the economic center of the Abruzzo region.

Prime Minister Cvijanović pointed out that the Republic of Srpska sees a great opportunity in the offered cooperation from the Abruzzo region as much as from any other region within the EU in order to prepare and strengthen the institutional structures and capacities for the use of funds and other available instruments on the EU path".

Cvijanović also stressed that the Republic of Srpska participates in regional structures on various bases, from cross-border cooperation projects to cooperation agreements and joint projects with different European regions.

During the round table, the importance of regional cooperation in terms of strengthening competitiveness, economic development and economic growth was emphasized, affirming that economic, trade, energy and infrastructure integration represent a significant development potential.


"Regional cooperation is one of the main priorities of the Republic of Srpska Government as a mechanism for advancing towards EU membership, but above all as an instrument of economic and social development of all Western Balkans countries. Alluding to the EU framework, Republic of Srpska perfectly fits into the concept of modern European regions, having a high degree of autonomy and constitutional jurisdiction, even more than some other regions in Europe. Significant role in promoting the potential of the Republic of Srpska and strengthening regional cooperation has a network of representations that are currently active in eight countries."


Additionally, the effective meeting in Pescara also resulted establishment of better cooperation between Universities from the two regions in which the hosts expressed great desire to support the establishment and development of the Veterinary Faculty in the Republic of Srpska as well as to provide access to Research Center of the University of Abruzzo needed for further development.

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