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Republic of Srpska at the AER Committees’ Autumn Plenary

Multiple times per year, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) brings together regions, so that they may stand stronger together, and grow in a space of best practice exchange. The Autumn 2017 committees’ plenary took place in Nancy, France, from the 12th to the 14th of September.

The Republic of Srpska participated in the work of the plenary sessions supporting not only the strengthening of cohesion policies and EU instruments, but also the regions outside the EU, with the primary aim of harmonizing and developing cooperation within the EU.

As the week went by, an incredible range of topics were covered giving concrete tips and cooperation opportunities to all members.

However, many things were accomplished during the week. The Executive Board (EB) gathered and decided on the Vice Presidents’ portfolios. Their action plan discussed at the next October EB meeting.

Another gathering occurred: the renewed AER team comprised of the Strasbourg and Brussels staff and the Seconded officers team. This was quintessential to align working methods, and ensure great cooperation in the months to come.

Committee meetings shined a light AER’s services on European projects and advocacy as well as how to use the Interreg Europe policy learning platform, of which AER is a key leader for the next 8 years.

To list only a few of the topics of the week in Nancy:

  • A debate on culture in the digital age in presence of the director on culture and creativity of the European Commission;

  • next steps on cohesion policy;

  • e-health and the value of data;

  • the latest innovation on carpooling and sustainable mobility solutions;

  • our next advocacy actions on regional airports;

  • next steps on our European project on youth mental health;

  • an introduction to the life cycle for renewable energy.

The Assembly of European Regions (AER) is the largest independent network of regions in wider Europe, gathering regions from 35 countries – from Norway to Turkey and from Russia to Portugal.

AER is present everywhere on the European continent, inside and outside the European Union.

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