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Head of the Representation at Transatlantic Economic Forum in Washington D.C.

Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska Zeljka Cvijanović, accompanied with the Head of the Representation in Brussels Mr. Mario Đuragić payed a visit to the United States of America last week.

During the visit Prime Minister took part at the Transatlantic Economic Forum in Washington D.C. which was devoted to the countries of the wider Mediterranean basin. The ​Prime Minister of the Republic of Srpska held a presentation "BiH: Reforms in Progress". The presentation focused on economic and structural reforms stipulated by the Reform Agenda done in cooperation with the European Union and international financial institutions, IMF and the World Bank. The Prime Minister emphasises that this event is a good opportunity to promote the Republic of Srpska, to present its investment climate and to exchange experiences.


Prime Minister Cvijanović said that the Republic of Srpska Government showed serious approach and deep commitment to carry out the necessary reforms intended to foster effective, continuous and sustainable growth and good business environment that would lead to new employment.


Along with Prime Minister Cvijanovic, heads of the representative offices of the Republic of Srpska in Washington, Brussels and Vienna, Obrad Kesić, Mario Đuragic and Mladen Filipović, respectively, took part in the Forum as well.

The Forum was hosted by the Center for Transatlantic Relations at the Johns Hopkins University and gathered representatives of business community and political life from 13 countries of a wider Mediterranean basin and the co-organizers are the US Chamber of Commerce and the American-Bosnian Foundation. The Conference has been attended by the members of the transition team of the new American administration, high ranking officials of the State Department and the Secretariat of Defense as well as reelected congressmen and senators.

During a official visit to the United States, Prime Minister accompanied with the heads of the representative officies of the Republic of Srpska met with the representatives of the Serbian Orthodox Church in the US, various Serbian associations and organisations and many respectable members of the Serbian community in the States and also US congressmen.

Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, Mr. Mario Đuragić

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