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Larnaca Forum: Eurodyssey regions make “fair” mobility a reality

The 2016 Eurodyssey annual forum took place in Larnaka, Cyprus, from 22-24 November. The topic at the centre of the discussions was “fair mobility”. Eurodyssey is AER’s international youth mobility programme, providing young people with opportunities to engage in internships in in other European countries thus easing the access to the job market. Eurodyssey is an excellent tool for regions to tackle youth unemployment.

The programme benefits from many unique traits that were presented during the Forum. AER Committee 3 Vice-President and Chairman of Hedmark County Council (NO) Mr Dag Rønning stated “the Eurodyssey programme is a flagship initiative in AER, a perfect illustration of true interregional cooperation and an exemplary service that provides true added value for the regions involved”. Ms Christine Garnier, Bourgogne Franche-Comté (FR) highlighted the results of an analytical study made on the programme to identify improvements and new potential.

Four active Eurodyssey regions presented strands of their youth mobility policies illustrating why Eurodyssey can be referred to as a “fair” programme.

The Republic of Srpska Representative took active role in the program, looking for potential cooperation models that could be used in the future. After successfully hosting the 2016 annual Eurodyssey Forum, Cyprus is on the starting blocks to launch its mobility programme. In the same context the Republic of Srpska is looking to launch our own mobility shceme. The Forum was an excellent opportunity for Eurodyssey coordinators to get to know their new partner in order to ensure a smooth integration into the programme.


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