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Concours Mondial de Bruxelles 2016: Wine from the Republic of Srpska won silver medal.

"Hercegovacka Žilavka Vukoje" is a wine made from grapes from the Imperial Winery of Usce, specifically a microlocale of 10 kilometers from Trebinje, Republic of Srpska . The locality was declared by the Austro-Hungarian monarchy to be most suitable for the cultivation of indigenous varieties of wines, raising the famous Imperial Vineyards and from which wine was exclusively shipped to the imperial court in Vienna. This sort of Herzegovinian wine was known to the Romans, special recognition was paid to the quality of Žilavka Vukoje by French enologist, who placed it on the Bordeaux classifications as the only wine from the Republic of Srpska.

The special significance of this award is that it was won in a competition of over 8750 wines from 51 countries before a panel of the world’s leading tasters, sommeliers, buyers, journalists, and wine writers. It is also the only wine from the Republic of Srpska that won a medal.

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