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Emir Kusturica opened 2016 Balkan Trafik Festival in Brussels

One of the most famous film directors from the Republic of Srpska and a member of the Academy of Sciences and Arts of the Republika Srpska, Mr. Emir Kusturica, opened 10th edition of the Balkan Trafik Festival in Brussels. Additionally, official opening was followed by the "Masterclass" session where Emir spoke to the Brussels audience about his work and actual projects.

During a cocktail reception for the guests, the Republic of Srpska representative in Brussels had a chance to meet Mr. Emir Kusturica and to welcome him to Brussels on behalf of our Representation. The screening of the Kusturica's film "Underground" marked the first day of the 4 days festival which was held in famous BOZAR in Brussels.

Emir Kusturica was born in Sarajevo. He studied at the Film Academy in Prague (FAMU) before being awarded the Golden Lion in Venice for his first feature in 1981, "Do You Remember Dolly Bell?". In 1985, he shot "When Father Was Away on Business" which won the Palme d’Or at Cannes. In 1988 he made "Time of Gypsies" (Best Director Award Cannes 1988), followed by "Arizona Dream" (Silver Bear Berlin 1993). "Underground", selected in Cannes in 1995 earned him his second Palme d’Or. In 1998 "Black Cat White Cat" was awarded the Silver Lion in Venice. In 2001, he turned to documentary filmmaking with "Super 8 Stories" about his musical band "The No Smoking Orchestra". In 2004 he presented "Life is a Miracle" at Cannes. It was on the set of his last film that he decided to build his own village: Kustendorf, where he wants to create a new lifestyle. He returned to the Festival with "Promise Me This" (2007) and his documentary "Maradona by Kusturica" (2008). He is also author of two books, autobiography and a fictional novel.

Currently, he is working in the Republic of Srpska on his new movie in which one of the main roles is entrusted to Ms. Monika Bellucci.

Republic of Srpska Representative with Mr. Kusturica.

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