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SERBIAN STATEHOOD DAY: Our Representation gathered Serbian students in Belgium

The Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels in cooperation with the Organization of Serbian students abroad (OSSA) and the Embassy of the Republic of Serbia marked the Statehood Day of the Republic of Serbia and 160 years since the birth of Nikola Tesla at KU Leuven.

Keynotes were addressed by H.E. Vesna Arsić, Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia in the Kingdom of Belgium and Director of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, Mr. Mario Đuragić. The aim of the event was to introduce and promote Serbian history and culture to the students at the KU Leuven and also to gather Serbian students in diaspora. In addition, many foreign students from various states had opportunity to explore and taste delicious Serbian culinary offer.

The Director of the Representation in Brussels, Mr Mario Đuragić pointed out that studies abroad are not solely an individual's achievement, but in the same time it is significant contribution to the entire society. Moreover, he stressed that the Government of the Republic of Srpska used to support, in different ways abroad studies of young people from the Republic of Srpska at the prestigious schools around the world. It was mentioned that the Fund "Dr Milan Jelić" with the support of the Government supported more than 1,500 students until now.

Director Đuragić announced future project of the Representation in Brussels, which will launch web platform that will be used for mapping the human potential of the Republic of Srpska in the European Union. Quoting Chinese proverb which says that it is better to travel 10,000 miles than to read 10,000 books, Đuragić is vividly presented the importance of people who gain experience abroad and thus emphasized the potential of our diaspora, stating that human capital is the lifeblood of society.

Students had opportunity to listen the addressed of Mr Ivan Gligorijević, one of the most successful inventors nowadays who presented his solutions in the field of brain research, thus showing how well educated and motivated young people after their studies abroad succeeded in creating successful career. Mr Gligorijević is one of the prominent young people who decided after PhD studies in Belgium to return to Serbia and to start building his career from there.

In addition to this event in Leuven, OSSA will mark the Serbian Statehood Day in three different European countries - the Netherlands, France and the United Kingdom.

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