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The Republic of Srpska became member of FEDRA

The Federation of European Regional Actors is a regional intelligence hub based in Brussels that gathers different types of regional actors from all over Europe (SME’s, enterprises, public bodies, regional agencies, research centres, academic institutes). With a pool of regional and thematic experts, the mission of FEDRA is to inform, educate and assist its members and partners to engage in concrete European regional and interregional projects. Its main aim is not only to “fill in the gap” between the EU bubble and outstanding regional actors, but also to communicate with 20.000 key regional influencers in more than 300 regions.

The Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels firmly believes that active participation in FEDRA can contribute to more active international cooperation of different actors from Srpska, mainly among SME's.

You can find more at:

FEDRA Secretary General, Mr. Pascal Georgen and Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, Mr. Mario Đuragić.

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