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The Minister-President of the Government of Flanders welcomed representative of the Republic of Srps

On January 18th, Minister-president Bourgeois welcomed diplomats based in Brussels on the occasion of the New Year. Minister-President announced to the Diplomatic Corps a further expansion of the Flanders Ministry of Foreign Affairss. The network abroad will also continue to grow. The Minister-president maid this announcement during his speech at the beginning of the new year to the members of the foreign diplomatic corps.

The network of Flemish diplomats and representatives abroad will have significantly expanded by 2019, which is the end of this government's term. At least one diplomatic and multiple economic representatives of Flanders Investment & Trade agency (FIT) will be added to the network.

For the Republic of Srpska it was opportunity to exchange practicies and expertisee with the members of the Government of Fladers and with others diplomats in Brussels. Moreover, Fladers has been partner in many projects that we realized together in the past years and for sure it is reliable partner for future cooperation.


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