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Republic of Srpska 30th anniversary celebrated in Rotterdam

Republic of Srpska celebrated its 30th birthday.

On the occasion of Republic of Srpska Day, Representation of Republic of Srpska in Brussels with cooperation with Serbian Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity in Rotterdam for the second time held a banquet on Sunday, February 20 in order to gather our people and celebrate this great event.

The celebration was attended by Republic of Srpska's representative from Brussels, as well as by Ambassador of the Republic of Serbia to the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Mrs Ksenija Milenkovic.

After the holy liturgy followed by the church gospel was performed and the sacred cake was consecrated, Mr Nemanja Malic, Advisor to Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation used the opportunity to thank everyone for coming as well as to state the importance of this gathering.

"This day has been challenged and denied by many throughout the years even though you will not hear it out loud. That is exactly why we should continue celebrating Srpska, keep it in our hearts and never forget where we come from", said Mr Malic.


Republic of Srpska was founded on January 9, 1992. Three and a half years later the Dayton Peace Agreement was signed, which internationally verified it as one of the two highly decentralized entities that make up Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Today, Republic of Srpska is one of two constitutional and legal entities of Bosnia and Herzegovina, that covers 49% of its territory with population of 1.3 minion. Banja Luka is the second largest city of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the de facto capital of the Republic of Srpska entity.


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