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IRF Euro Rafting Championship 2019 - Banja Luka

You love it. We love it. We’re going back to River Vrbas in Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina for the IRF European Rafting Championship 2019 that will be held during the first week of July!

Hosts to the World Rafting Championship in 2009, Euro Rafting Championships in 2009 and again in 2015, this popular stretch of river regularly sees teams from across the globe that come together as one river family to test their skills.

Vrbas river is a mighty fast mountain river with a numerous wild parts and it is one of the most attractive rivers in Europe with the degree of difficulty 3-4. Vrbas river makes its way through two canyons - the canyon Tijesno and the canyon Podmilacje. The length of the Vrbas River, which is suitable for water sports and adventures is 31 kilometers. The international degree of difficulty of the river Vrbas is 3-4 and in some places it is 1-2 so the river is suitable for people looking for wild adventure and adrenaline, but also for family enjoyment and peaceful activities.

Given that there is a dam which regulates the flow of the Vrbas, water flow varies from 25 to 100 m3, and in spring it is more than 500 m3. The average summer temperature is 17 degrees Celsius, but the air is 30 degrees, which enables a comfortable adventure, vacation and enjoyment on the water. VrbasRiver is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in Europe thanks to the canyon, the rapids and cascades. Every year Banja Luka and the river Vrbas, host numerous competitions kayak, canoe and rafting. Rafting on the Vrbas is possible during the whole year and the best period is the spring and the summer.

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