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"The Faces of Lafora" found its place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg

After numerous projections that drew great public attention in the region, the documentary "The Faces of Lafora" directed by Denis Bojić and produced by RTRS (Radio Television of Republika Srpska), also found its place in the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Right after the documentary film "The Children" was promoted, the Public Service of the Republic of Srpska got the new opportunity to presented the result of their work to the European Parliament.

The projection was organized by the parliamentary group in the European Parliament known as "Europe of Nations and Freedom", made up of parties from France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Italy and Austria.

Within the framework of this event, Mr Bojić opened a debate in front of European parliamentarians on the topic of rare diseases, which was particularly concerned with the example of the Gajić family from Banja Luka, who managed to initiate the solution of a global problem by individual struggle.

After Strasbourg, the film "The Faces of Lafora" is expected to be screened at the international festivals in Greece, Russia and America.

The documentary "The Faces of Lafora" is a film adaptation of a fight for finding a cure for one of the most serious childhood diseases in the world, Lafora disease. This most severe and rarest form of human epilepsy takes lives of children all around the world. Although it has been more than a century since the disease was first described, pharmaceutical companies and public funds were not interested enough in funding the research, because this is a rare disease. All the burden, to fund the research that will help to find a cure for this disease, is on Lafora associations and families around the world whose children are condemned to a death sentence. For each of them, time is running out.

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