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European Parliament: "The Children", movie form the Republic of Srpska screened in Strasbo

After numerous film festivals and awards, such as "Golden Knight" for the best feature length film, documentary "The Children" by Denis Bojić, produced by Radio-Television of the Republic of Srpska (RTRS) was screened at the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Screening of the film "The Children" at a high institutional level is a clear indication that the Republic of Srpska voice can be heard in the European Parliament and moreover to see the extent of suffering of Serbian people in the previous Balkan conflicts.

- We are extremely proud of the fact that we are the first who managed to show and demonstrate to the European Parliament the truth about Serbian suffering, and their reactions tell us that we should continue spreading the truth to the wider global audience. This is our mission and our responsibility - Bojić said.

The European Parliament political group "Europe of Nations and Freedom", which geather political parties from various countries, organised a conference dedicated to the post Dayton situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina under the topic: "European integration 20 years after Dayton - what awaits Bosnia and Hercegovina?".

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