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Let's contribute to Srpska together!

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   SRPSKA.CLUB is a project developed by the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels. The aim of the project is to map and identify persons living abroad and their human potential for the Republic of Srpska’s development and promotion of its interests. The project is conducted throught the means of online survey. 


   The project does not target only people whose origins can be tracked back to Srpska, but also those willing to be a part of Srpska Club regardless of their national, ethnical or religious affiliation.  We expect to find out about your skills, interests, needs and concerns so as to build better understanding and relationship in the years to come.


   The driving force of Srpska Club is to enhance open dialogue as well as to include engagement through the means of joint actions in the future. That is to say that Republic of Srpska aims for higher standards - recognition and appritiation of its enormous human potential abroad. By using systematic and comperhensive approach in today's globalised, but yet highly superficial world, Republic of Srpska's goal is to boost its image internationally, by acting locally all across the world on such issues as business development, job creation, fostering of competition, productivity and inovation.


    Should you have any additional questions about please do not hesitate to contact us. However, before contcting us directly, we highly advise you to consult FAQ section. 



     Let's contribute to Srpska together!


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