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The Representation in Brussels sends an open letter to MEPs

Prior to The European Parliament plenary session the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels sent an open letter to all Members of the European Parliament in an effort to better explain the position of the Republic of Srpska on the matter of the current political situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Among many things, it is stated that the Republic of Srpska respects Dayton agreement, along with the competencies of BiH, which are exclusively provided by Annex IV.

In addition, the document rejects and condemns accusations that political representatives from Srpska aspire for secession.

The head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, Mr Mario Djuragic, said that there is a lot of misinformation in the media, as well as in the statements of various political actors within the EU itself, according to which the Republic of Srpska is allegedly a destabilizing factor whose politicians aim for secession and disruption of BiH further progress on its European path.

"It is our obligation that before every important meeting we raise our voice and send messages that reflect the real situation and the position of Srpska on the current political processes in BiH" - Djuragic emphasized.


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