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RS Represented at The 10th ARLEM Commission meeting

Mr. Mario Djuragic, Head of The Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels, recently participated in the 10th Commission for Sustainable Territorial Development of the Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM), held in Carcassonne, France. This significant assembly focused on addressing critical water-related challenges faced by local communities in the Mediterranean and the measures needed to enhance water resilience through regional cooperation.

The assembly featured a crucial session titled "Building Water Resilience: The Role of Mediterranean Cities and Regions." This session addressed the pressing issue of water scarcity in the Mediterranean, especially in the southern regions where the situation is most severe. Climate change impacts and stress on urban services have intensified this crisis, highlighting the need for cooperative and sustainable solutions to prevent social and national tensions.

The assembly included presentations by several distinguished speakers:

  • Giulia Maci, Programme Manager for the Euro-Mediterranean Region at Cities Alliance;

  • Taleb Abderrahmane El Mahjoub, ARLEM rapporteur and Mayor of Tevragh Zeina, Mauritania;

  • Almotaz Abadi, Deputy Secretary General for Water, Environment, and Blue Economy at the Union for the Mediterranean;

  • A representative from the European Commission.

In addition, the main topic of the 10th ARLEM Commission Meeting was designed to enhance dialogue on energy transition, promote collaboration between cultural capitals in the Mediterranean, and address the pressing issue of water scarcity. Participants examined the barriers to implementing water resilience measures and discussed how regional cooperation can ensure that communities' daily water needs are met effectively.

In response to the highlighted challenges, the assembly showcased the "Women and Sustainable Cities" programme, launched by Cities Alliance with support from the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. This initiative, active in three pilot cities in Morocco, Tunisia, and Mauritania, collaborates with local communities and authorities to develop sustainable water practices while reinforcing the role of women in local water management.

During the ARLEM meeting, Cities Alliance presented recent work on this initiative, focusing on how to reactivate heritage-based climate solutions through community engagement. This presentation underscored the importance of integrating local knowledge and gender perspectives in developing sustainable water management practices.


The Euro-Mediterranean Regional and Local Assembly (ARLEM) is an assembly comprising local and regional representatives from the European Union and its Mediterranean partners. Established in 2010 by the European Committee of the Regions (CoR) and various territorial associations, ARLEM aims to sustain political dialogue and promote interregional cooperation.


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