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AER welcomes RS to the Autumn General Assembly & Agenda 2030 Conference in Strasbourg

Multiple times per year, the Assembly of European Regions (AER) brings together regions, so that they may stand stronger together, and grow in a space of best practice exchange. The Autumn General Assembly and the Agenda 2030 Conference took place on 28-29 October 2021 in Strasbourg, France.

In addition, hosted at the Region of Grand Est (FR), the AER and other global partners gathered local and regional stakeholders from around the world for two days of discussion in order to debate and exchange ideas on how to achieve the 2030 Agenda.

"Achieving the Sustainable Development Goals matters now more than ever, and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development can outline the path towards recovery from the COVID-19 crisis. The goal of this Conference was to show that local and regional authorities play a key role in facilitating the transformation needed to reach the Sustainable Development Goals."

The Republic of Srpska actively participated in the work of the GA and the conference supporting the priority goals of the regions both, in and outside the EU, with the primary aim of harmonizing and developing cooperation within the EU.


The Assembly of European Regions (AER) is the largest independent network of regions in wider Europe, gathering regions from 35 countries – from Norway to Turkey and from Russia to Portugal.

AER is presented everywhere on the European continent, inside and outside the European Union.


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