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ARC pays a visit to Banja Luka Airport

The acting director of Banja Luka Airport had a great pleasure to welcome Mr. Sergi Alegre Calero, ARC Director General as a result of successful cooperation between this organization and Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels.

The goal of the visit was to to discuss the latest challenges in the sector of regional development and aviation, as well as to try to develop close relations with other European airports through the ARC network.

The ARC airport regions represent more than 60 million European citizens and half of the European traffic goes through these regions, hence they are key players on the European stage.

Since 1994, when the ARC was established, the assembly has become a symbol of inter-regional cooperation. The assembly is one of the ARC instruments for enhancing European regional development through transfers of know-how and exchange of experiences between airport regions

The Airport Regions Conference (ARC) is an association of regional and local authorities across Europe with an international airport situated within or near their territories. The ARC brings together a wide range of expertise at the interface of air transport and local and regional policies. A common concern is to balance the economic benefits generated by the airports with their environmental impact.

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