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Head of the RS Representation in Brussels: modern technologies to connect Srpska with Diaspora

Mr Mario Duragic, Head of the Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels had the opportunity to participate in the Panel discussion: "The new concept of networking and new diaspora; digital connections between home and abroad and the role of young people as drivers of the promotion of Srpska and Serbs in the world", within the context of the "2nd Diaspora Forum" that was held in Banja Luka under the patronage of President of Republic of Srpska, Mrs Zeljka Cvijanovic.

Among many activities, Mr Duragic stressed that the Representation have been developing a mapping platform known as Srpska.Club meant to target and identify people living abroad and their human potential for the Republic of Srpska’s development and promotion of its interests. The project does not target only people whose origins can be tracked back to Srpska, but also those willing to be a part of Srpska.Club regardless of their national, ethnical or religious affiliation.

In addition, Mr Duragic emphasized that the main idea was to involve modern technologies in order to create a virtual community that will eliminate geographic borders. Also, the goal was to bring together high-qualified people who can help further development of Srpska. Currently, the database has been updating on a daily level but, however, due to capacity and potential this platform has, the project has to be transferred to the national level in order to take advantage of all its possibilities.

Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels has been actively involved in assisting in the organization of the 2nd Diaspora Forum, as well as promoting and bringing Belgium and French diaspora representatives to Banja Luka. The aim of the 2nd Diaspora Forum was to establish permanent mechanisms for strengthening economic and cultural-scientific cooperation between the Serbs and Serbian peoples in the dispersal.

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