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The Representation in Brussels welcomes CEREBRA

The Republic of Srpska Representation in Brussels had a great pleasure to welcome members of CEREBRA organization due to their participation at the training seminar entitled "The Wonderful Wizards of Youth Work" organized by the international organization known as "Youth for Exchange and Understanding International", based in Brussels.

During a friendly and very constructive conversation, our guests had the opportunity to observe the work of the Representation, as well as to discuss possible models of cooperation and other activities in the future.

CEREBRA is an organization that works on the empowerment of youth in Bosnia and Herzegovina by equipping them with modern knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes required for a success.

Their Mission is to create young winners equipped with modern knowledge, transferable skills and attitudes required for success.

CEREBRA mainly works with youth although its target groups are older adults too. They organize seminars to provide opportunities for the youth to learn skills that are required on the labor market, as well as, to provide opportunities to their members to travel around the region and elsewhere in Europe.

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