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Republic of Srpska among top ten small European regions of the future 2018/19

According to the fDI Intelligence (Financial Times) ranking, the Republic of Srpska is one of the top ten small European regions of the future for foreign investment strategy while the city of Prijedor found its place among top ten micro European cities of the future 2018/19.

Undoubtedly, this ranking will significantly affect promotion of the Republic of Srpska as a desirable destination for attracting foreign investors.

fDI Magazine, being a central part of the fDI Intelligence portal, published by the Financial Times, is a bimonthly publication which includes foreign investment news and information, thereby providing an up-to-date review of global investment activity.

fDI Magazine has 15,284 active corporate readers and informs senior decision-makers on most recent changes in the global investment map. Launched in 2001, fDi Magazine was established with a firm objective to be a leading publication for business under globalizing conditions.

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