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President Dodik meets with EU HR Federica Mogherini

President Dodik and EU HR Mogherini

Republic of Srpska President Milorad Dodik said after Saturday’ meeting with EU High Representative Federica Mogherini that Srpska authorities are committed to Bosnia-Herzegovina’s European path, but wish to be more visible on the path through the coordination mechanism.

“Republic of Srpska has done everything within the European reform agenda and was the only one to meet the conditions from the IMF letter of intent”, said Dodik.

According to the President, the problem lies in the fact that the coordination mechanism is not yet operational in BiH.

“Srpska's authorities accepted the coordination mechanism model, but it is a problem if it is not yet set to be operational mainly due to lack of political will in Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the other BiH entity”.

At the meeting with Mogherini, leaders of political parties in BiH voiced their commitment to the country’s European integration.

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