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Brussels Innova 2016 Gold Medal for the Republic of Srpska national telecom - m:tel

The Republic of Srpska national telecom "m: tel" from Banja Luka exhibited at the Brussels Innova 2016 Salon and used that opportunity to presented to the world public its registered mark of distinction. The company was awarded by the Gold Medal for the registered mark of distinction. By gaining such reward or recognition at the Salon "m:tel" nowadays acquires the right of priority in the process of intellectual property, which is usual practice in the industry.

The distinctive mark of geographical origin m: is visually defined clearly. It is red in color which is associated with friendship, trust, warmth and intimacy with customers. Red is the main color of society and is used in all means of communication. The secondary colors are gradations of burgundy and gray. The logo has a rectangular shape with three rounded edges and is marked as center. The inscription is in white, with small rounded letters which, along with the rounded edges of the mark, represent a unique visual experience. Two white circles between the letters resemble the punctuation mark associated with the continuity of telecommunication services.

By carrying out its professional activities under the distinctive brand of geographical origin, the company offers the most contemporary services in the field of mobile and fixed telephony, the Internet, digital data transfer and digital television. The company offers its services by using the latest technologies and knowledge in the field of telecommunications and international quality standards.

It should also be added that the company has won various national and international awards in the areas of corporate social responsibility, operating results and strategic management.

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